ABCD Igniter: Does Brighton Dare?


Wednesday 19th January - Thursday 3rd February    
9:30am - 12:30pm


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A 2-hour interactive webinar on the appetite for creative risk in a region like Greater Brighton.

About this event

  • Provocative ‘lightning talks’ from high profile figures about Greater Brighton as an incubator for creativity and innovation, the ‘superfusion’ model of art and tech, and questioning whether the current investment of time, money, training, and will, is ambitious enough.
  • An opportunity section, highlighting routes to R&D, innovation funding and cross-sector collaboration available right now.


Bonnie Greer OBE – award winning playwright, author and critic

Alex Barker – CEO/Captain, Be More Pirate

Emily Berwyn – Director & Founder, Meanwhile Space

Helen Jewell – Programmer, The Old Market

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Each speaker session will include a 5 minute Q&A.

12:30 – 12:40: Introduction to Igniter Events – Richard Freeman, CEO, always possible

12:40 – 13:00: Alex Barker, CEO/Captain, Be More Pirate

How to be more Pirate; Alex will test us on going to the edges of our map to cultivate the courage and curiosity that’s needed to navigate uncertainty, and pioneer ground-breaking new ideas. It’s time to break some rules.

13:00 – 13:20: Helen Jewell, Arts Programmer and Producer, The Old Market

Helen will offer a venues perspective on effects of the pandemic on independent venues, how they negotiated the constant changes and restrictions and how important these venues are to the creative nature of the city, bringing people together and reminding us of our essential shared humanity.

13:20 – 13:40: Emily Berwyn, Executive Director, Meanwhile Space

Emily will outline how, through Meanwhile Space, local authorities, developers and others can work together to help bring creative uses to vacant spaces. And how to make these ambitious and impactful in order to retain B&H’s

13:40 – 14:00: Bonnie Greer OBE, award winning playwright, author and critic

Bonnie will share her thoughts on how individuals can achieve their best, encouraging creativity, freedom of expression and mutual respect.

14:00 – 14:25: Panel discussion and audience Q&A

14:25- 14:30: Closing remarks and close


About the Igniter event series

Igniter events to reimagine how the creative sector can emerge from the pandemic stronger, more connected and more resilient. Brand new. Open-hearted. Brave. Bold and Inspiring.

Part of the ABCD plan for cultural recovery in Greater Brighton, these free sessions shout loudly how creative businesses are at the forefront of the city’s recovery.

International, national and local guest speakers will provoke ideas, suggest new ways of working and invite you to re-energise collaborations.

The Igniter programme is a series of 4 online webinars:

  • Does Brighton dare…?
  • A New Resilience for Greater Brighton
  • Compassionate, creative…. and commercial?
  • Clusters, Communities + Co-working Spaces

The pandemic has shown how vulnerable the creative sector can be, but also how critical for wellbeing, understanding and belonging. How can we be better prepared for a future crisis? What strengths can we keep building on?

Igniter is an opportunity for you to be heard, to learn, to challenge and be inspired – empowered by Brighton’s radical heart.

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