24 Apr

AI-Driven Productivity: How AI Immediately Saves Time and Money in Your Business

AI-Driven Productivity: How AI Immediately Saves Time and Money in Your Business


Wednesday 24th April    
3:00pm - 5:00pm


Plus X Innovation
Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 4GL

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Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, or leader looking to understand what AI can do for your business?

Join us for an exclusive workshop that demystifies AI and showcases how ChatGPT can be your ally in streamlining processes, saving time, and cutting costs. This is a hands-on session designed to help you make an immediate impact in your business.

Why This Workshop?

  • Immediate Applicability: Learn through practical case studies and interactive sessions how AI can optimize your business today.
  • Zero Tech Skills Needed: Discover how ChatGPT tackles complex, time-consuming tasks efficiently, without the need for any technical expertise. We won’t be going into the technical side either!
  • Team Empowerment: Address concerns about AI and job security, and learn how to get your team excited about AI as a tool that augments their role, not as a replacement.

What Will You Gain?

  • Hands-on Experience: Even if you’ve NEVER used ChatGPT you’ll discover how easy it is to use. If you want to get more sophisticated with how you use it, you’ll leave with an understanding of how to find the “gold”.
  • Operational Efficiency: See first-hand how AI can simplify processes, freeing you to focus on growth.
  • Innovative Leadership: Position yourself and your business at the forefront of technological adoption, enhancing your competitive edge.
  • Confident Implementation: Leave with a clear understanding of how to integrate ChatGPT into your business and gain full team buy-in.

Who Should Attend?
Business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders eager to lead their teams with innovation, seeking practical, actionable insights into AI integration without compromising team morale.

Secure your spot now! Embrace the future of productivity and team collaboration with AI.

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