06 Jun

Angel Investor Summit – South East Angels

Angel Investor Summit - South East Angels


Thursday 6th June    
All Day

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The Angel Investor Summit is a unique opportunity for active angel investors and those curious about getting started to connect and gain insights from the UK’s top angel investors and innovators. With a curated attendee list, this conference is focused solely on educating, connecting, and inspiring you, the investor.

  • Learn from experienced & successful angels

  • Explore exciting opportunities in new technology

  • Connect and network with like-minded individuals

  • Gain unique insight to help you become a smarter investor

In conversation with the UKs top angel investors & innovators:

Jenny Tooth, Edwin Appiah, Arjo Ghosh, Simon Blakey, Winfried Hensinger, Katherine Courtney, Robert Dighero, Oksana Stowe, Richard Hargreaves, Kristina Pereckaite, Giles Palmer, Andrea Sinclair, Joe Cross, Jonathan Sun, Rupa Popat, Peter Cowley, Susan Elliott, Jon Prideaux, Seb Haire, Shruti Iyengar

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