16 May

Ask Julia Anything – Free Workshop – 16th May

Ask Julia Anything - Free Workshop - 16th May


Thursday 16th May    
4:00pm - 5:00pm


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I run a regular productising workshop every month. This month I’m doing something a little bit different.
This month, I’m doing an AMA. That means Ask Me Anything. I tried this out a little bit in a workshop recently, but I called it “Hit Me!”. This title seemed to disturb people, even though the workshop was on Zoom. So I’m sticking with AMA.
The idea is that you can come along and tell me a bit about your business, what you do and I’ll give you some options for the kind of products that you could make, and we’ll try and pick out which ones would be the most fun and give you the most money. Oh yes, and the highest Return on Effort.
Come along with your questions on Thursday 16th May at 4pm, UK time.
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