05 Aug

Async – Startup Patterns and Practices

Async - Startup Patterns and Practices


Thursday 5th August    
6:45pm - 8:30pm

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Startup Patterns and Practices

Join us for the next Async event where Andrew Cheeseyman will be talking about Startup Patterns and Practices. 

As web developers, chances are that at some point in our careers we might work for a startup, or even found one ourselves. These opportunities are exhilarating and intense, but are there ways we can increase the chances of being part of the small percentage of startups that make it big? That’s the focus of August’s Async.

From Andrew Cheeseyman:

“I was a ex CTO of a startup and now a solution architect at AWS in the startup team. I am working with startup companies that have 1 to 500 developers. These companies range from household names to small companies working on a passion. This session will dive into the good & bad and the does & don’ts of startup.

I will talk about the hot technologies, the not so hot ideas and patterns that get applied and misapplied. What goes around and comes around in the world of software development.

Along the way we will discover what works and what does not.”

You can grab your ticket here.

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