25 Aug

Brighton Data Forum – Creating Diverse and Inclusive Data Teams

Brighton Data Forum - Creating Diverse and Inclusive Data Teams


Wednesday 25th August    
6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Welcome to the virtual Brighton Data Forum! We are a socialising, networking, and skill-sharing community, bringing together local data professionals and organisations doing great work with data

Join us at the Brighton Data Forum August meetup, where we’ll be looking at why it’s important to create diverse and inclusive data teams, and how to approach at your business. 

Brighton Data Forum are proud to announce that this month’s special event features Kat Holmes, Data Director.

Kat is an experienced and successful data professional, most recently at one of UK’s most iconic media & entertainment organisations. She is also a speaker in high demand on the topic of new approaches to managing data in a cloud, digital and AI world, as well as improving diversity and inclusion in data teams.

Kat will be discussing diversity and inclusion challenges with the data profession, and sharing ideas on how to evolve your data leadership. In her presentation, entitled “Creating diverse and inclusive data teams”, she will talk about why it’s important to have diverse and inclusive data teams, and how to approach building them.

Using a mix of data, thought leadership in this area, and personal experience, she will guide attendees through the complexities of this topic. No prior exposure to the topic is assumed: concepts and definitions will be made clear, before we dive more deeply into the specifics around D&I and data. Kat will share her tips with us, and recommend resources for further reading.

Kat will be joined by collaborator Andrew Brown, who has kindly agreed to share his lived experience as a black man leading complex technology transformations in FTSE companies over the past 20 years.

The aim of the session is to take you on a journey of increasing awareness and understanding, which will be useful when stepping outside your comfort zone, as you stand up and be counted. I hope you can all join and be empowered to effect the change that is sorely needed; to empower everyone in the field to bring their authentic selves to work, which can only increase their, and your, success. We must realise that everyone benefits from it.



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