27 Mar

Brighton Data Forum March Meetup

Brighton Data Forum March Meetup


Wednesday 27th March    
6:00pm - 8:15pm


Barclays Eagle Lab
1 Preston Road, Brighton, BN1 4JQ

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Welcome to the Brighton data forum!

This month, we are excited to announce a packed schedule with two speakers.

Starting us off, is Gianne Ojeda, Human and Social Data Science Graduate, whose presentation “A machine learning approach for early detection of common mental health disorders among adolescents” she describes as:
With an undergraduate and postgraduate background in Psychology and Data Science respectively, my thesis attempts to integrate the two fields with the hopes of proposing a framework for tackling mental illness as a prominent issue in the UK. Specifically, my research combines the predictive power of machine learning with established screening tools to detect those at higher risk of developing mental illness. My talk will briefly cover theories of mental health, changes in the risk of mental health disorders from age 14 vs 17, the methodology used in my project, key outcomes, its implications.

Following Gianne’s talk we welcome back the forum’s own Matthew Franglen, Staff Machine Learning Engineer at Brandwatch.
Matthew is known to forum regulars for his past, great talk on the use of a large language models for entity disambiguation, in production and at scale.
This time, Matthew’s presentation “Custom Sentiment” delves into how
Sentiment is an opinion. How can you monitor sentiment on social media if every client has to use the same sentiment model? Customizing the sentiment model allows it to match the opinions of the client. This talk introduces the challenge and approaches available to solve this problem.

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