23 Aug

Brighton Data Forum: Quantum Computing – a new paradigm in computing

Brighton Data Forum: Quantum Computing - a new paradigm in computing


Wednesday 23rd August    
6:00pm - 8:00pm


Barclays Eagle Lab
1 Preston Road, Brighton, BN1 4JQ

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We are very proud to announce that for this special event Sebastian Weidt, CEO of Universal Quantum, has agreed to give us a presentation titled: “Quantum computing; a new paradigm in computing.”

Sebastian writes:
Computers have revolutionised most areas of our everyday life. Nevertheless, there are many problems even the most powerful supercomputers cannot and will most likely never be able to solve, even if we gave them a million years. Quantum computers form a new type of computing technology that promises to solve many of these problems, including the ability to develop new pharmaceuticals and materials, to accelerate AI, and to unlock some of humanities biggest scientific secrets (and steal your bank details). We are in a global race to unlock the many exciting applications and trillion dollar market of quantum computing, and the Greater Brighton City Region is in the running for winning this race. Join me at the Brighton Data Forum to find out more. I will also provide an introduction into quantum computing as well as an insight into the quickly growing commercial sector forming around it.

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