Brighton Gophers | May Meetup


Tuesday 25th May    
3:00pm - 4:30pm

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Brighton Gophers will be joined by two fantastic speakers, we’re glad to reveal our first speaker is Liam Hampton…


Liam Hampton

In his talk, Liam will be sharing the benefits of Go programming language, and describing its main features. He will also look into the popularity of the language and where it has been used in real world cases and the reasons for its use.

He will also be sharing the IBM Call for Code 2021 global challenge, which looks at how tech can be used for the greater good. Call for Code’s mission is to bring everyone together to attempt to tackle social and environmental issues, from combating systemic racism to taking on climate change, by using the latest technology.

Liam Hampton

Brighton Gophers

Brighton Gophers is a new Brighton-based community for anyone interested in the Go programming language. Whether you’re a gopher or keen to develop your Go skills, this is a great opportunity to share experiences and develop knowledge.

Join us for Go workshops, talks and discussions guided by our community on Meetup and our slack channel. You can check out our previous Brighton Gopher events on Silicon Brighton’s YouTube, to get an insight into our group and what we do.

Register now to save the date for our next event on the 25th May. Topic and speaker details to follow shortly.

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