Brighton Jug – July meetup


Tuesday 19th July    
5:00pm - 7:00pm


Mocatta House, Trafalgar Terrace, Brighton, BN1 4DU

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The Java Agent: modifying Bytecode at runtime for fun and profit with Joseph Beeton


We are very excited to welcome Joseph Beeton who will be talking to us about ‘The Java Agent: modifying Bytecode at runtime for fun and profit’.

Java Agents are a powerful tool to instrument or modify your application at runtime. But how do they work? In this talk I’ll be going through how they work when configured at startup as well as attaching a agent to a running process.

Show how the underlying Java Agent API works, how it can be used to both analyse an application and modify the application using a simple example of Bytecode modification.

Then show a real world uses of a Java Agent to generate a SBOM (Software Bill of Materials) from a running application and how a RASP can be used to protect a application from security vulnerabilities both in your code and in 3rd party dependencies.

— Bio —

Joseph is a Senior Security Researcher at Contrast Security.

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