BrightonPy – July Meetup


Thursday 8th July    
4:00pm - 5:30pm

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Zero to pro – 5 levels of Python you might not know

BrightonPy are back & ready to go!

We’re kicking off Brighton Py 2021 with a couple of fantastic speakers – details will be added once the talks themselves have been finalised so watch this space!!

Whilst things are starting to look more positive in terms of getting together again, this event will be hosted online. But, we hope to do more IRL gatherings in the very near future.

So whether you’re new to Python/Brighton, an old hand or just want to hang out (virtually) with some like-minded people then come and join us on July 8th!

Our 1st Speaker: Ashley Oldershaw

At the next meetup, we’ll be joined by Ashley Oldershaw with his talk “Zero to pro – 5 levels of Python you might not know”. He’ll be talking us through Python’s features and the basics of the language and then he’ll go up a level to show something someone with some experience might not know, eventually reaching specific things that that few Python users will know.

Come along to this interactive session and learn something new, whether you’re interested in Python or a pro at the language this an opportunity to connect and develop your skills! You’ll be able to help Ashley solve problems before he’ll show the solutions through a live demo.

Our 2nd Speaker: Moritz Boos

Moritz Boos, Data Scientist at eyeo, will be joining Brighton Py to give an introduction about natural language processing in Python. 

In today’s digital age, text data is abundant and is increasingly used by companies and academics  to generate insights, build products and automate processes. Even when we look at our own tech devices, they generate an astonishing amount of unstructured data every day. 

Natural language processing is technology that aids computers to understand human languages and analyze data, acting as a bridge of communication. There’s a staggering amount of techniques for dealing with data and it can be difficult to know which one is suitable. This talk will give you a better understanding of what exactly you can use for your own case. 

In his talk, Moritz will give us an insight into the key methods of natural language processing, explain how they work. Followed by an interactive demo of how NLP’s used in Python with a simple case as well as a more complex case that relies powerful, pre-trained language models like GPT-3.


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