29 Jun

Disruptive Sustainability | Silicon Brighton Leaders (Online)

Disruptive Sustainability | Silicon Brighton Leaders (Online)


Thursday 29th June    
7:00pm - 8:30pm


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Do you know your SBTs from your GHGs? ESG from the CE?

Sustainability can be a minefield of acronyms, targets and reporting standards. Not to mention the time and resource it takes, which is no mean feat even for big corporates, let alone smaller businesses just starting out or in high-growth mode.

So how can you grow your organisation whilst ensuring you’re balancing purpose and profit? Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because your clients, employees, and wider community expect it.

Despite our corporate sustainability policies, the planet is still at the point of climate and ecological crisis. It’s time to change; to get a deeper understanding of sustainability concepts and the actions required; to adopt a new approach that delivers meaningful impact.

Join us live from Plus X innovation Hub, where we’ll hear from Georgia Elliott-Smith (sustainability consultant & environmental activist) who will cut through the jargon, tell you what you really need to know, help you identify greenwash and apply the principles of sustainability in your work.

You’ll learn about a model of disruptive sustainability that challenges the status quo and embraces activism, how to create a meaningful sustainability & ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategy, and gain ideas on how to use your business as a force for good.

We will then be joined by a panel, hosted by Sam Zindel and Laura Gelder-Robertson from Low Carbon Leaders who will provide a range of perspectives on how we can build a better tomorrow.

About Georgia Elliott-Smith…

An environmental engineer and chartered environmentalist, Georgia started her career as the UK’s first construction environment manager and is a former UNESCO Special Junior Envoy for Youth & the Environment.

Founder and Managing Director of sustainability consultancy Element Four, Georgia has worked with organisations such as the Amnesty International, Patrizia, UPP, and the Bank of England delivering her Disruptive Sustainability approach – a combination of best practice and activism that drives meaningful change in industry.

Georgia sits on the steering committee of She Changes Climate, a global campaign for 50:50 representation of women in climate negotiations. In 2020, Georgia challenged the UK government in the High Court over their failure to uphold the Paris Agreement when implementing the UK Emissions Trading Scheme.

Georgia is an Extinction Rebellion activist and contributor to leading non-profit technical committees including the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI).

She has spoken at TEDxUCL, New York Times Climate Forward Conversations, Cambridge University Zero Festival, and UK Construction Week.

In collaboration with…

We believe that diversity of thought is key to reimagining how we live and work. We collaborated with the Warrior Women Network to curate this event, to ensure that everything we do strategically supports, amplifies and / or embeds voices less heard to drive positive change towards a more just and sustainable future for all.

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