06 Mar

How to Get Started With AI in Your Business (A Hands-On, Practical Session)

How to Get Started With AI in Your Business (A Hands-On, Practical Session)


Wednesday 6th March    
5:00pm - 6:00pm


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As an entrepreneur, AI can feel scary. There’s so much hype, but at the same time nobody wants to get left behind.

And that can leave you feeling worried, because of the uncertainty.

We believe it’s wrong people are worried about AI.

Our goal is to help as many Brighton-based entrepreneurs in any type of business understand how to embrace it, especially to increase their revenue.

If you’re an accountant, plumber, creative, business owner… you’ll discover how AI can help you right now.

We have over 20 years of business strategy experience, especially in sales and marketing.

We started using ChatGPT back in March to solve real world problems, and realised that every professional services firm has to rapidly evolve or face becoming obsolete. We took the decision to close our digital agency, and moved to training entrepreneurs and businesses in how to embrace AI.

With entrepreneurs (that’s where our heart is) we help them accelerate their business growth by using AI to make an IMMEDIATE impact.

On the other side of our business, especially in the US, we work with large SMEs and corporates to help them embrace AI so they can massively increase their productivity.

Our goal with these sessions is to show you how simple embracing AI can be and the opportunity you have to easily get started using AI as a “digital companion”.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Come to the session with an open mind. (You don’t need any tech skills. Zero. This is NOT a tech session.)
  2. We’ll explain the security issues and how to think about AI so you understand how to get the most from it.
  3. We’ll give you prompts to use so you understand how to use ChatGPT in your personal life, as well as your professional life.
  4. After the session, we’ll happily answer your questions so you understand how AI can help you solve real-world business problems.

One example we’ll share is how to describe the value of the work you do. It’s a great way to see how AI can help you find the words you need to connect with people… on a more human level.

The usual reaction of people is “Wow!” because it captures the words you want to use and crafts them into a powerful, compelling way to describe what you do… but as a human, it can be incredibly hard to do.

Register for the session because we want you to understand how easy it is to embrace AI in your business and to get ahead of the curve. Here’s what other entrepreneurs have to say about our approach.

The last thing we’d want is for you to wait and fall behind your competition.

If you’d like a sneak-peak of how to get started, download our free guide here.

Register for the session now! We look forward to seeing you!

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