13 Feb

How to Love Our Neurodivergent Brains

How to Love Our Neurodivergent Brains


Tuesday 13th February    
6:00pm - 8:30pm


PLATF9RM Brighton
Tower Point, 44 North Road, Brighton, BN1 1YR

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Join us for an enriching, uplifting evening of deep discussionsempowerment, and practical tips for embracing our neurodivergent strengths while being kind to ourselves  – plus some stand-up comedy, because why not!?

Our panel discussion

Our panel discussion will focus on understanding and embracing our unique traits and gaining a deeper understanding of our vulnerabilities. And yes, we’ll also embrace those delightful ADHD tangents – because we believe every twist in the conversation adds a unique and valuable perspective, and this is all about celebrating the joys of neurodiversity!

We’ll be exploring:

  • What cultural conditioning do we need to shed – collectively and individually – to embrace our neurodivergence fully?
  • How do you embrace your neurodivergence in business and in life?
  • How do you practice self-kindness and self-compassion when you’re having a challenging time?

Our speakers come from various backgrounds, and the panel will be facilitated by Joyfully Different Co-Founders, Alice Reeves and Mark Blake.

Our panel guests

  • Helen Davies, NHS Clinical Director and Founder of Practical Wisdom
  • Heike Jord Knip, Neurodiversity Trainer and Public Speaker
  • Alison David, Musical Medicine Woman Helping You Find Your True Voice

Our guest comedians

  • Paggy Gacheva is a neurodivergent stand-up comedian, writer and improviser based in Brighton. Her debut 4-star solo show ‘Stimmicanto’ is an exploration of autistic joy. Described as ‘rapid surreal nonsense of the highest order’, Paggy’s style places authenticity at its forefront.” Follow her @paggycomedy
  • Sallyann Fellowes is a regular on the stand-up circuit in London and her brand of humour is wonderfully distinctive and unpredictable. Expect real-life experiences that aren’t even remotely like real life and weirdness. Sallyann is also multi-award-winning, including Leicester Square New Comedian 2023, New Forest Comedian 2023 and GAB Comedy Allstars 2023. Follow her @sallyanncomedy

What format will the event take?

The event will run from 6 pm-8:30 pm, with an agenda as follows:

  • 18:00 – Arrive, grab a drink and settle in
  • 18:30 – Comedy set by Paggy
  • 18:45 – Panel discussion and audience questions
  • 19:45 – Comedy set by Sally Ann Fellowes
  • 20:05 – Closing comments
  • 20:15 – Event wrap-up and goodbyes!
  • 20:30 – Event ends (option to come to the pub with us!)

Venue accessibility

Our event venue is PLATF9RM (pronounced ‘platform nine’) located on the fifth floor of Tower Point at the top of North Road in Brighton, next to the North Road Car Park Entrance and close to the junction with Queen’s Road.

The venue is fully wheelchair accessible, with a lift up the steps to the main entrance and elevators to the fifth floor. Find more accessibility info here.


If you have any additional accessibility requirements or any questions in advance of the event, please email hello@joyfullydifferent.co

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