Lean Agile Brighton – Agile Culture Circle: lead towards agility the way you are.


Wednesday 10th November    
7:00pm - 9:00pm

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Agile Culture Circle: Lead towards Agility the way you are (Tomasz Kropiewnicki)

60 min workshop on zoom

There are many articles, talks and book chapters on “Why Agile transformations fail”, and most of them mention the organisation’s leadership culture as one of the primary causes.

Most of them won’t tell you what this elusive “Agile Leadership Culture” is and how you can tell what’s missing in your organisation.

This workshop hopefully will 😊

In Humble Associates, we believe that the leaders are the people that primarily create the culture.
It’s one of the most critical aspects of their role, and with a culture change, the leaders need to go first. For this reason, we believe that the whole organisation can shift by assessing and changing the leadership culture.

Tomasz (TK) is a Co-founder of Humble Associates. He is an experienced Professional Coach, change agent, facilitator and systems thinker focusing on objective results and Servant Leadership.
TK is a certified Leadership Circle™ Coach and an ICF PCC helping organisations develop and scale their Agile Leadership.

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