24 Apr

LTUX Brighton: Questions? Before UX Camp Brighton

LTUX Brighton: Questions? Before UX Camp Brighton


Wednesday 24th April    
6:15pm - 8:30pm


83 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XE

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We’ve had a change of plans and due to unforeseen circumstances have moved the UX buy-in and maturity event to next year’s schedule. As we are lucky enough to have a lovely venue, WRAP on Queens Road, we have decided to pivot and run a practice session for UX Camp Brighton (Saturday, 27th of April, 9.30 am–6.00 pm).

This session is open to all UXers, including those who identify as men.

Ways you can use this session

  • Ask questions about your slides or resources
  • Have a little practice in front of supportive LTUX friends and gain some feedback (of course this is optional)
  • Use it as a co-working time to make some progress on your slides or resources
  • Just have a chat
  • Ask other UX-related questions, not necessarily related to UX Camp Brighton

What is UX Camp Brighton?

UX Camp Brighton is an ‘unconference‘ event which runs each year in Brighton. It is a great opportunity to present your ideas, get practice at public speaking, and to network with other designers accross a range of career levels. If you sign-up for a speaker ticket, your session is 20 minutes long and can be structured as a talk, a workshop, or something else entirely.

We would love to support first time speakers to feel more confident prior to the event. It is such a friendly event and you can view amazing guidance page for hosts at the UX Camp Brighton website.

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