02 Mar

PHP Sussex: The ABC’s and 123’s of HTTP API’s

PHP Sussex: The ABC's and 123's of HTTP API's


Wednesday 2nd March    
5:00pm - 8:30pm

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This march PHP Sussex is back with another event ‘The ABC’s and 123’s of HTTP API’s’. 

The aim of this event is for people to be less intimidated by all the codes and headers available in HTTP, Matt Trask, Senior Developer at Primitive will be breaking down the headers, verbs, status codes and other terms surrounding HTTP APIs. Matt won’t get too deep into things like JSON Schema and OpenAPI but he will be mentioning them. 

About PHP Sussex

PHP Sussex is a community-based group that meets online every month to discuss and learn about all things PHP and web development. Some talks will be more technical than others, but anyone is welcome to come along and get involved. Join the community to stay up to date with events and discussions in the PHP Brighton community. 

Check out the PHP Sussex Meetup group here.

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