Product Unleashed: The Art of Disruption (The Karate Kid Experience)


Thursday 19th May    
5:00pm - 7:30pm


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For the next Product Unleashed event we are transporting you back to 1984! 

In a time when things were simpler, neon was the norm and most importantly, thanks to one of the most important moments in film history, Karate ruled the world 🤜🏼 🌎💥

Through a unique experiential session focused around the Karate Kid, attendees will learn habits for embracing disruption and how to make their products more impactful. We will explore how to remain flexible and adapt quickly to change, incorporating customer feedback + insights…and most importantly recognising those connections between ideas and how to spot new opportunities.

This session was originally piloted at Product Tank Brighton back in late 2019 (before the world went weird!) and we’re super excited to be kicking and chopping this workshop back to life!

Event Format:

This event is a Hybrid, giving you the option to join us in-person or online. 

For online attendance please register here

In a world of accelerating change and disruption, it’s hard to stay on top with the right tools and tactics you and your team need to compete (all valley tournament style) day after day.

If you’re an ambitious product person, or you have an interest in innovation, design thinking and frameworks including the design sprint then this session is made for you!

One wax on, one wax off at a time!


What to expect:

Participants should be prepared to roll up their sleeves and get hands-on with a fast-paced workshop as they will be guided through a series of fun and engaging practical lessons by Product Unleashed hosts, and Karate Kid mega fans John and Dominic, and discover not only how to rise to the challenge and face disruption head-on, but come out the other side feeling better and stronger!

About Product Unleashed:

Product Unleashed is a design meet-up group who host monthly live speaking events for those interested in the world of digital products, innovation, and design. They hold monthly meetup sessions exploring all aspects of the world of design. 

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