21 Jul

Silicon Brighton | Trust me, I’m not a bot

Silicon Brighton | Trust me, I'm not a bot


Wednesday 21st July    
5:00pm - 7:00pm


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We’d like to invite you to our first in-person event in over a year, with special guest, AI artist Eric Drass (aka shardcore).

About this event

How does machine manipulation mess with our relationship to reality?

What the hell happened to the truth?

Can you manufacture authenticity?

Should we be scared of the bots?

Can we believe our eyes anymore?

Will deepfakes destroy the world?

At this event, Eric Drass will be uncovering how and why our perception of reality is increasingly mediated by machines, going on to explain some of the ways he bends this reality via a graphics processing unit (GPU) and some nifty Python programming.

So, if you’d like to join us for a stimulating discussion on the future of authenticity in a post-truth world, plus network with some people in real life again – this is one not to be missed!

This event is happening on 21st July at the PLATF9RM space in Hove and is in partnership with the Brighton Data Forum community.

More about shardcore

Eric Drass is an artist and curator who produces work in a range of media, from painting, to digital installation, to machine-learning AI art. Some of his favourite themes are identity, consciousness, the philosophical ramifications of artificial intelligence, big data and the relationship between humans and machines.

Eric once took at dotcom 1.0 company from a bedroom project to 14 countries and back, spending $50m on the way and is the co-author on a number of patents dealing with PRISM-type surveillance technologies (long before PRISM became public), and a number of academic papers relating to neural network models of language acquisition and heritability. His works are frequently reported and cited online by The Guardian, BBC4, Wikipedia and many more.

More about Brighton Data Forum

Brighton Data Forum is a networking, skill-sharing, and socialising community that brings together people and organisations doing exciting projects with data, covering a range of topics including: analytics, data science, governance, warehousing, privacy and ethics, management, integration, and visualisation


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