25 May

Social Justice Charter Launch

Social Justice Charter Launch


Thursday 25th May    
2:00pm - 3:00pm


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We are at a social justice tipping point. Over recent years, we have seen an increase in civil movements of all kinds calling for organisations of all types to improve fairness and justice in all parts of society. We believe that reacting to these social issues is not enough; businesses must respond by taking proactive action, together.

Developed by a taskforce of organisations led by JustOne.UK, we are delighted to launch the Social Justice Charter in partnership with Fairtrade UKHeart of the CityFuture Planet. This event is for any organisation who is already a signatory, thinking about signing up, or interested in learning more about social justice.

Social justice is the just distribution of, and access to opportunities, privileges, and wealth within society. We believe that every human is different and should be treated with equity to create a fair world enjoyed by all.

Signatories to the charter agree to a set of commitments which combat the many symptoms of social injustice through meaningful change. This approach will build fair systems for society and the people who are most impacted by the organisation’s actions; their stakeholders. Through understanding their stakeholders, taking meaningful actions to help them, and openly communicating progress towards goals, signatories will contribute to social justice in the world.

Learn more about the Social Justice Charter here: https://socialjusticecharter.com/

Stay up to date by following us here: LinkedIn page

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