09 Feb

South Coast Sellers Club: Get Your Ideal Customer’s Attention

South Coast Sellers Club: Get Your Ideal Customer's Attention


Wednesday 9th February    
12:30pm - 2:00pm

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How to get in front of the ideal customer and get their attention techniques for phone, email and LinkedIn.

One of the biggest challenges for salespeople and business owners. Standing out from the crowd, getting attention and then gaining interest.
In a world where fewer and fewer people can be contacted by phone, and with privacy updates causing havoc with success metrics of email marketing, it is more important than ever to be able to get in front of your perfect customers with the right message.

We discuss ways that will make this not only easier but more successful for you.

Our session will be run by South Cost Sellers Club hosts, Ben Bennett and Charlotte Morris.

About South Coast Sellers Club

The South Coast Sellers Club is a community-led group for salespeople of all levels, business owners, start-up founders, team leaders, and anybody interested in breaking into or learning more about the world of selling. 

They are there to help you enhance your sales technique and produce long-term value for your businesses through regular events covering a wide range of topics. Check out their meetup page below to stay updated with upcoming events. 

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