18 Apr

Super quick simple products to get started – Free Workshop

Super quick simple products to get started - Free Workshop


Thursday 18th April    
4:00pm - 5:00pm


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Everyone I talk to knows that making products would be a good thing for their business. But because most of us have been so used to providing services for all these years, it’s difficult to suddenly start thinking in terms of products. And the nature of products, of course, is that you have to do work up front to make money later. Some people get stuck with this. I certainly did.
The best way to get unstuck is to get going. I’m inviting you to spend an hour with me and some other lovely people talking about the fastest super-quick simple products that you can get started with.
These might not be the most obvious kinds of products that you think about first. And they certainly don’t have to be the low value, bit rubbish ones people sometimes talk about as starter products.
Do come along on the 18th of April at 4:00 PM, we’ll have a lovely chat you’ll make some new friends and get some ideas for products that you could get going with well the next morning.
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