24 Jan

The Environmental Impact Of AI

The Environmental Impact Of AI


Wednesday 24th January    
6:00pm - 8:00pm


83 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XE

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Join us for our first roundtable, a discussion on AI.

We’ll welcome everyone with some food, drinks and general chit chat at 18:00. Then 18:30 Oli and Adam will present some accompanying food for thought. Then let the conversation begin.

This is open to everybody. If you’re interested in how AI, and other technologies, impact our environment. This event is limited in size so we can keep it light and focused. Get in early for a spot.

Lots more planned for 2024 as well with two more events coming around Spring time. We’re organising an event with a panel on responsible technology. We’re also very lucky to host a talk from Asim Hussain, the GSF Chairperson & Executive Director who will come to share exciting developments in software emmisions measurement. Keep an eye out for dates on both.

Also, join us over on the Silicon Brighton channel #green-software where we will be exploring all sorts of dialogue and posting relevant content in the lead up to all of our events.

See you soon, hopefully.

Lovely jubbly.

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