09 May

UX Brighton: Show & Tell 27

UX Brighton: Show & Tell 27


Tuesday 9th May    
7:00pm - 9:00pm

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The UX Brighton Show & Tell is a low-key event. A supportive environment for sharing, advice and discussion.

Whether you’re a UXer of many years’ standing, new to UX or UX is only part of what you do, so much the better. A mix of skills and backgrounds enriches the conversation.

It’s free. Sign up at this shared Google Doc with your Show & Tell topic.

Drinks and snacks provided. 🍺🍕

Show & Tell places are limited to 12, as we keep the group small enough for everyone to learn each other’s names.

How Show & Tell works

  • Everyone arrives with something to talk about and some snacks to share
  • Names and topics go into a hat, to be chosen at random
  • 15-minute timebox for each discussion
  • Everything is off the record – Chatham House Rule. (If you’re under NDA, it’s OK to be non-specific about your client. We won’t interrogate you!)

Deciding on a topic for Show & Tell

If you’re not sure what to share at the Show & Tell, here are some prompts:

  • Talk us through what you’re working on
  • Show how you’re using a tool or method
  • Get advice on an approach to a project
  • Share a past project
  • Tell us about a new process
  • Discuss working practices
  • Get feedback on a talk, workshop or article idea
  • Show a short demo or video

Still stuck? It’s more than fine to bring a question or introduce a topic for discussion.

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