“Artificial Intelligence ‘ain’t just for Xmas’, it’s here to stay,” says new tech start-up Neonify.ai founder Jason Baker

Our members, Brighton-based tech start-up Neonify.ai aims to ride the wave of the surge in Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technology that is available out there and launches the ‘game-changing’ platform Neonify.ai.

“AI is a general-purpose technology. It is having and will have an impact on anything and everything” – John Stepek, Bloomberg UK, February 8, 2023

Neonify.ai cutting-edge technology provides innovative solutions to customers across various industries. “We consider ourselves in the ‘Silicon Valley’ of the UK, and in the digital and creative centre of the city”.

The tech was conceptualised in early 2021 by Jason, who is a hands-on, passionate leader and entrepreneur who provides a wealth of experience with a background in premium publishing, performance marketing and tech, “Our mission is to leverage the huge developments in AI technology we have had in the last few years and create something unique, disruptive, and scalable and empower customers to achieve their goals.” says Jason.

“Our flagship product uses AI to enable, scale, curate and enhance content and data for brands and publishers. Clients already onboarded, during our beta phase include The Non-league Football Paper, The Rugby Paper, The Football Paper and Matchday Digital (Digital newsstand app)”.

Neonify is ready to disrupt a large addressable market with its turnkey bespoke technology and proven revenue model. With Advanced EIS Assurance, Neonify has instigated private equity investment to fundraise.

“We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far; a unique, disruptive and scalable AI-based Software as a Service (SaaS) technology, both of which, I’d dare to say are essential parts of a business’s tech strategies if they are to stay current.”

Neonify.ai uses its AI machine to accelerate content and auto-generate thousands of web pages. The technology also can compose trending content and create engagement through social channels automatically; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp to name a few. The SaaS tool extracts content, information, and data from the web to empower social listening and meet market intelligence needs for businesses and brands. These insights can also be automated to reach audiences online automatically.

From the possibility of self-driving cars to social media algorithms showing you customised content, we absolutely cannot ignore the fact that AI is changing the way we do everything in every industry. Some of AI’s advancements in image or text generation in particular are splattered all over social media platforms and you cannot open a business blog or publication without mentioning ChatGBT…

Microsoft announces new multibillion-dollar investment in ChatGPT-maker OpenAI

Since the World Economic Forum recently announced that AI could detect tuberculosis, you may even have heard about its use in health care. Neonify aims to disrupt the AI content ‘Gold Rush’ with the first and only bespoke, turnkey technology utilising the SaaS model and AI to amplify search rankings, site footprint, and accelerated traffic, hopefully significantly increasing audience reach and revenue outcomes for clients.