Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign reaches 900 employers signed up

The local Living Wage Campaign which started 11 years ago has now encouraged and persuaded 900 local employers to pledge their commitment to paying the Living Wage – resulting in over 4,500 salaries elevated across the city.

In July, the campaign welcomed its 900th sign up, HIT Training, who said about the campaign: “As a leading apprenticeship provider, we recognise the importance of embracing diversity, equity and inclusion in the working population and by paying all our employees the real Living Wage, we aim to make a difference to the lives of all individuals in sustainable careers and encourage our partners to do the same.”

In a recent interview with Sarah Springford, CEO of Brighton Chamber, highlights the ways the campaign has grown: “You don’t have to make a big song and dance to get stuff done. Sometimes working collaboratively; getting support from others to spread the word; and working creatively with what you have can achieve great results.

“The best thing about running this campaign has been to see the community of responsible employers growing and becoming a force for good in the city. I am proud that Brighton Chamber, and the business community, has played a part in making the Living Wage the acceptable minimum norm for many businesses here.”

The Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign is run by Brighton Chamber, and supported by Brighton & Hove City Council and Brighton & Hove Unison. To sign up and to find out more, head over to the Living Wage website.