Supporter Spotlight: CmdShiftR’s Custom Software Approach to Empowering Local Businesses

Get to know CmdShiftR, a Brighton-based software company focused on creating custom solutions that give businesses the tools they need to streamline operations and facilitate growth.

Tell us a bit about your company…

We write software – usually for companies that are growing nicely but still using the same order book and spreadsheet they started their business off with.

What problem do you solve or what difference do you make for your clients?

We give business owners an overview of what their business is doing, and we give their staff their time back; reducing dull repetitive tasks and empowering the workforce to help grow the company.

How would you describe the culture within the business, and how does this contribute to its success?

Being small, we have a very personal touch. We don’t farm out any of our creations to external developers, so if you encounter a problem you can speak to the person who knows how to fix it instantly.

How do you invest in the development and well-being of your employees? What makes your company a great place to work?

It is important to us that our employees are able to develop their skills and come up with innovative ideas that we might not have thought of. Nurturing the growth of talent in this way seems to us to be the best way to give job satisfaction, and ultimately turn our junior developers into senior developers.

What are the top achievements and successes you’re most proud of?

In 6 months, our first employee is now working independently, helping our clients without the need of our input. He knows his limits and escalates problems he cannot deal with. Seeing him able to contribute to the growth of our company, and be proud of his own abilities and achievements makes it a pleasure to walk through the door every day.

Is there any other work you’re doing in the community that you’d like to share?

We have a few charities we work with, and we have recently created a very simple system to help a local Food Bank. We like to keep a good percentage of our work local and for causes close to our hearts.

Are there any upcoming projects, goals or ambitions that you are particularly excited about?

We have been chasing a client for 5 years, and they are tantalisingly close to starting work with us. We’ll get them – eventually!

When did you first come across Silicon Brighton? What’s the relationship and how do you benefit?

I first met Grace Prior (Co-Founder of Silicon Brighton) at a Brighton Chamber breakfast event. We signed up pretty much the same day. It’s a great network of people that go to the Silicon Brighton events, and always good to catch up with old friends and meet new folks.

Considering your involvement in Silicon Brighton and community-building, what does the concept of ‘community’ mean to you? How important is it for the tech industry?

Our community network in Brighton are very instrumental in a lot of the work we do, and clients we find. Aside from the work, we also socialise with members we meet through Silicon Brighton, and other groups.

Anything else you would like to promote to our community? (Hiring, socials, website)

We’ve recently moved from Plus X to Projects, so meeting a whole new set of people here. It would be good to get connected with any other Projects residents to find out more about our new neighbours.
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