Supporter Spotlight: Getting to Know Michelle Flynn, Performance, Mindset & Health Coach

What advice would Michelle Flynn give to her younger self at the start of her professional journey? ‘Always trust yourself,’ she says, emphasising that even seemingly wrong paths can lead to the right destinations.

Not just a Performance, Mindset & Health Coach at Michelle Flynn Consulting, Michelle is also a dedicated supporter of Silicon Brighton. In an engaging catch-up session, we explore her insights, experiences, and the unique perspectives she brings to the intersection of performance, mindset, and health in the dynamic worlds of technology and recruitment. Read on…

Can you share a bit about your background?

Having worked in the technical recruitment industry for 20 years I retrained as a Performance, Mindset and Health Coach supporting people within technology and recruitment.

Reflecting on your career, is there a specific moment that stands out as pivotal or defining?

When I was invited by Boston Consulting Group to deliver a talk on Imposter Syndrome and afterwards was voted one of their top speakers of the year.

What piece of advice would you give your younger self as you embarked on your professional journey?

Always trust yourself, even the path that seems like the wrong one will become the right one.

Considering your involvement in Silicon Brighton and community-building, what does the concept of ‘community’ mean to you personally? How important is it in the tech industry?

I first learnt the power of community when I hosted the London Net User Group. Being a trusted part of that community changed everything for me. It enabled me to build my own recruitment business and led to me being voted the #1 recruiter in tech start ups. It is the variety of communities that exist within the tech industry that make it such a special industry to be part of.

How do you balance staying updated with the latest industry trends while ensuring continuous personal and professional growth? Any specific resources or practices you find particularly valuable?

I love podcasts but always make sure I am out walking or running when listening to them so improving my knowledge as long side my physical and mental health.

Anything else you would like to promote to our community?

You have to put your own oxygen mask in first, without your health nothing else matters.
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