Supporter Spotlight: Advice Cloud’s Drive for Public Sector Digital Empowerment

Welcome to another edition of our Supporter Spotlight series, where we highlight the remarkable companies that fuel the number of events we support.

Today, we’re spotlighting Advice Cloud, an integral force dedicated to empowering the public sector’s journey towards digital transformation. At the core of their mission lies a commitment to enabling seamless, efficient delivery of public services to those who depend on them most. Read on…

Tell us a bit about your company…

Advice Cloud are the world’s only GovTech Buyability™ Mentors. As public sector procurement specialists and framework experts, we provide support to technology suppliers navigating the UK Government market.
We partner with technology organisations to cover all aspects of the procurement cycle. From getting successfully listed on competitive frameworks, to bid support from our ex-public sector buyers, we help our clients enhance their success.

What problem do you solve or what difference do you make for your clients?

We are committed to prioritising SMEs, who constitute over 71% of our client base. We aim to give smaller companies the chance to compete with the industry’s leading tech giants in the public sector market. Our focus is on levelling the playing field: we help SMEs build their internal capabilities to secure contracts, gain access to competitive frameworks, and cultivate long-term partnerships for their sustained growth.

Our primary objective is to ensure the end result has positive, meaningful impact. We collaborate with technology providers dedicated to delivering not just exceptional software, services, or tech, but also tangible social value that can transform public service delivery.

How would you describe the culture within the business, and how does this contribute to its success?

We consider ourselves to be quite progressive! Embracing a Teal organisational structure, we ensure everyone has their voice heard when making key company decisions. The concept moves away from traditional hierarchies towards a more collaborative and autonomous environment. Our focus is on high-performing teams empowered to deliver exceptional support, without the constraints of micromanagement.

Some of our recent internal projects have also included a 4-day week trial to foster a healthier work-life balance, building on our successful 9-day fortnight model. We believe our colleagues should have the freedom to manage their own time and work flexibly.

How do you invest in the development and well-being of your employees? What makes your company a great place to work?

Our health and wellbeing team do great work in placing equal importance on mental and physical health.

We also provide training budgets, volunteer day allowances, and other benefits. We also make sure that, as a remote-first company, we meet up often – not just for meetings but also to get to know each other better! We regularly schedule days out to help us maintain team morale which can sometimes be lost with a remote-first company.

We aim to provide a work environment where our colleagues feel free to express themselves and have time to themselves where needed. We want to make sure our team are happy with the work they do and have a positive attitude, and health and wellbeing is a big part of making that happen.

What are the top achievements and successes you’re most proud of?

The growth of Advice Cloud over the last few years has been great. Moving toward becoming a Teal organisation and adjusting to a fully remote business has been a positive experience in our case.
The support we continually provide technology suppliers in a very tricky public sector market has only gotten better and we’re really looking forward to partnering with new companies.

Are there any upcoming projects, goals or ambitions that you are particularly excited about?

We’re currently hard at work helping our clients apply for the G-Cloud 14 framework, a flagship route to market for Cloud Software, Cloud Support and Cloud Hosting. Applications close on 7th May, so until then it’s very busy!
We’re also starting to develop more long-term client partnerships through our new BOOST methodology. We created this model to combine several of our services that link together and help tech suppliers action plan and strategise more effectively. Rather than a traditional ‘one-and-done’ service, it’s a great way for us to scope out how companies can improve in the long term. It’s exciting to work alongside technology suppliers, building those relationships with them and helping them win more business!

When did you first come across Silicon Brighton? What’s the relationship and how do you benefit?

We came across Silicon Brighton on LinkedIn. As a company that supports technology suppliers, we knew that partnering with them would be a great step forward. Advice Cloud is based in Brighton and Hove, and it’s great to be actively engaged with the local community.

Considering your involvement in Silicon Brighton and community-building, what does the concept of ‘community’ mean to you? How important is it for the tech industry?

The term ‘community’ is one we use a lot with the companies we work with. The technology industry should support each other in growth and innovation, as well as benefit its users. We like to encourage public sector suppliers to think about how their technology and services benefit people and can influence the communities that use them, too!

Anything else you would like to promote to our community? (Hiring, socials, website)

We also provide loads of free content for technology suppliers, including webinars, reports and ‘how-to’s over on our Knowledge Hub.


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