Get Involved: Silicon Brighton’s Contribution Opportunities

Hey Silicon Brighton Community,

We’re thrilled to bring you some exciting updates regarding our contributor model! We’ve come from one person – thank you to our Founder, Steve Rackley – organising a handful of events that bring the tech community together, to a unique organisation four years later that supports over 30 different meetup groups in Brighton & Hove.

All our events are run by volunteers, free for all to attend, and designed to cater to every skill level, with speakers generously volunteering their time, and dedicated volunteers managing the logistics. Our mission is to ensure these events are as accessible as possible, attracting a diverse mix of individuals. We not only provide drinks and nibbles but also offer the AV Kit for live streaming to our YouTube Channel.

We are actively seeking new investment to continue to be able to fund the community work that we’re doing, and last year, we proudly introduced our contributor model. People can donate their time, skills and resources for free to help deliver the programme of meetups we support. Equally, individuals and businesses can contribute financially on a monthly basis from as little as £5 per month (!) by subscribing, supporting or sponsoring us and receiving visibility and recognition in return.

Check out how you can contribute here.

These people and businesses are the backbone of our mission, ensuring our continuous support of the community. A massive shoutout to all of our contributors, your ongoing commitment means the world to us!

If you’re interested in contributing to our mission, whether as a subscriber, sponsor, supporter, speaker, meetup organiser, volunteer, or partner, please reach out to us.

Thank you for being a part of the Silicon Brighton Community! Let’s continue to build, innovate, and connect.

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