Caring for Coders – How to Sleep Better


Wednesday 9th June    
11:30am - 12:30pm

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Silicon Brighton welcomes everyone from the tech community for an online meetup discussing all things health & wellness.


Caring for Coders is a new meetup for anyone in the tech community looking for practical tips to improve their health and wellness.

Our host is Michelle Flynn, a CBT Practitioner & Certified Health Coach, who has a wealth of experience from her own technical background and understands the specific challenges the tech community faces.

We cover a variety of important topics each month, from managing anxiety to healthy eating, all supported by a WhatsApp group filled with helpful resources. Everyone is welcome to share their experiences and challenges, or just sit back and listen.


This month’s topic: How to Sleep Better

Sleep is an essential part of our everyday lives, we need it to recharge our body and mind, so that we feel refreshed for the next day ahead. A good quality sleep is key for keeping us healthy, as it affects how we function day to day.

In this session, Michelle will talk about what exactly sleep is, why getting enough is critical to our health, and how to make sure that we get the right quantity and quality of sleep.

So come and join us to understand the science behind it all, while learning practical tips to get a better sleep!

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