08 Mar

People & Culture Club: Quiet Quitting – What you need to know as a people leader

People & Culture Club: Quiet Quitting - What you need to know as a people leader


Wednesday 8th March    
10:00am - 11:00am


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We spend, on average, just shy of 85 thousand hours of our lives at work (sorry for calling out that fun fact!). So it’s no surprise many of us look for roles that bring a sense of purpose, satisfaction and joy. But what happens when the spark just isn’t there any more?

Whilst some might choose to look for a role elsewhere, others fall into another camp: a phenomenon coined ‘quiet quitting’, a trend that’s gone viral across social media. Whilst the term ‘quiet quitting’ is new, the concept behind it certainly isn’t.

Join host Ally Jones and Liz Afolabi as they explore the realms of quiet quitting – and what to do about it. They’ll explore:

  • What is quiet quitting? And why it’s something you ought to take seriously
  • Why does quiet quitting happen?
  • Is quiet quitting simply good boundary setting or is it something more?
  • The impact of quiet quitting on the business, particularly in startups and those scaling
  • How to spot it – and most importantly, what to do about it


Liz Afolabi

Liz is a People leader and certified Coach with over 18 years of experience in the People space. She’s worked in a number of different sectors – from private to public – supporting and enabling their growth and success through their people. Most recently, Liz focussed on working with startups & scaling companies as a People & Culture consultant working with founders to create sustainable growth & People first cultures. She was previously People Director at the FinTech, TotallyMoney and is currently the People Director for Suvera – a growing digital healthcare startup.

Liz’s underlying philosophy has always been that companies with a People-first ethos are the future. She cares deeply about coaching, culture, team engagement, motivation, and facilitating, leadership training & development; and crafting human People strategies.

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