11 Mar

PLATF9RM Presents: Kickass Women

PLATF9RM Presents: Kickass Women


Saturday 11th March    
10:00am - 5:00pm


Hove Town Hall, Church Road, Hove, BN3 2AF

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We’re inviting you to celebrate kickass people everywhere with Kickass Women. After four years, word has got around that PLATF9RM is the place to be on International Women’s Day.

Our lineup of speakers is set to take the conversation to a whole new level. Together we’ll explore the many complexities of gender in the modern world, and position feminism as a force for the good of everyone.


Nope, we haven’t missed out a couple of letters. This year for International Women’s Day we’re shifting our focus to treating everyone fairly, rather than equally. But what does equity mean for feminism? What does the #EquityEra look like from different perspectives?

In 2023, we’re facing a whole new set of challenges around identity.

Tomorrow’s leaders, Gen Z, demand equality and diversity like no generation has before. They understand the importance of treating people as they want to be treated, which often means breaking away from the conventions that the majority have come to accept.

With Gen Z’s influence on global markets growing, can we make gender work in today’s society? Should we continue to break down stereotypes and redefine gender roles, or should we be removing the concept from the conversation altogether?

We don’t all start from the same place.

Imagine a brick wall. It’s six feet high, and there’s something really, really cool on the other side. Are you tall enough to see over it? If not, would you like a step up?

That’s equity. Rather than turning a blind eye to the differences that exist between us, it’s acknowledging and addressing them so that everyone gets the same chances.

Kickass Women is all about togetherness, not polarisation.

We’ll be exploring…

• The meaning of equity, and how it is being embraced by tomorrow’s leaders

• The roles we all play everyday in our personal and professional lives, and the gender attributes that are typically attached to them

• How the patriarchy is damaging to men as well as women, and why feminism should be embraced by everyone

• What would happen if we lived in a matriarchal society – would we be better off, or would we end up with a whole new set of challenges?

• How to flip the stats on gender for good

What’s included?

Breakfast, lunch & canapés by Yolk

Pop-ups throughout the day from local artists and makers

Meaningful connections and networking opportunities

Speakers confirmed

Lisa Baskott

Having recently been named one of 100 most influential businesswomen in the UK, Baskott is a woman of many talents. From founding her own security company 2nd Line of Defence serving as a magistrate, owning her own property business and being recently appointed as one of seven regional Inclusion and Diversity Magistrates. Lisa truly is a Kickass Woman.

Gemma Kentish

Gemma Kentish is Associate Social Affairs Officer in the Dept of Economic and Social Affairs at the United Nations, New York. She works closely with Indigenous women across the globe to ensure their voices are heard and their rights respected. Prior to joining the UN, Gemma worked as Head of Visits at the British High Commission in India, and also has experience working as a refugee and migration researcher at both the Irish Foreign Ministry and the European Council on Refugees and Exiles.

Nicky Bandini

Sports writer & broadcaster specialising in European football and NFL. Contribute to the Guardian, ESPN, Talksport and plenty more.

Co-host of @serieAchronpod

Dr Carlie Goldsmith

Research Fellow University of Sussex and Crew Club team member. Carlie was awarded her PhD in 2011 and was a senior lecturer in criminology before becoming an independent researcher and scholar. Carlie now works at The Crew Club and University of Sussex. All of her work is focused on how to challenge social inequalities and injustices. She also coaches the Crew Club running programme – helping people move is the thing that brings her joy.

Gen Z Panel

Daisy Church

Daisy’s work ranges across production, development, talent and youth work, and her main focus currently is on running E,D&I and mentoring programmes in the screen industry. With a degree in English and Drama and a masters in Gender, Sexuality and Culture she moved into the charity sector to apply her production skills for social purpose. In her first 12 months with Media Trust, she managed 21 short film projects, matching small charities with seasoned directors. Since September 2020, she has been managing Media Trust’s ScreenSkills-funded Mentoring Programmes, working to develop and uplift behind-the-camera talent in the screen industries, particularly those from backgrounds currently underrepresented in film/tv and gaming.

Kaia Allen-Bevan

Racial Justice/Anti-Racism advocate, creative and TedX 2022 Speaker. In 2020 Kaia co-orgainsed the Brigton Black Live Matter peaceful demonstrations. She is currently the co-host of the Yapped Out Podcast. She also create brave spaces to integrate anti-racism practices, embrace humility to question and strive for an equitable future.

Nia Martinez Rangel

Nia is a Student Mentor, Ambassador and Connector at the University of Sussex, working towards making the University’s services more inclusive and accessible, with the goal of fostering a sense of belonging and engaging the student cohort. She is passionate about community development, promoting arts and culture, and using business tools to drive social and cultural impact.

Jasmine Douglas 

Founder of online community Babes on Waves (BOW)

Jasmine’s vision is to create a space for women of colour to champion underrepresented founders. Through providing networking, resources, and events, Jasmine’s aim is to support personal and business growth for community members.

The business is now garnering the attention of established corporates seeking partnership opportunities and Jasmine’s focus is on growing membership to over 200.

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