18 May

Product Unleashed: AI + Science

Product Unleashed: AI + Science


Thursday 18th May    
6:00pm - 8:00pm


83 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XE

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Welcome product enthusiasts!

We’re a meet-up group that hosts bi-monthly live speaking events for those interested in the world of digital products, innovation, design and doing things differently!

Each meet-up features new guests from some of the most influential product companies around the world, providing unique insights, tangible ideas, and new techniques to help drive change from the inside out.

Our speakers:

Avi Ashkenazi
Head of Product and Design – Store Localisation @ Shopify

Avi leads localization at Shopify and previously built the product and design teams at Iwoca, transforming the lending industry across multiple channels. He has a background in creating successful products, developed cutting-edge UX concepts at Samsung, and founded MusicTechFest. Check out his blog at Superavi.com.

About the Talk:

Unlocking the Potential of new technologies in Product Management

In this talk, Avi will speak about the ways in which product people can utilize AI through a series of experiments he ran.

These experiments include:

• Asking smart questions

• Doing user research and competitor research

• Prioritising and preparing for presentations as well as stakeholder influence

Some of these experiments failed and some have succeeded but this is the only way to learn about new tools…not just by asking the tool to paint a dog in space 🐶 🚀

Alec Barr
UX Director / Behavioural Science Ethicist / Head of Agency Growth @ Askable

Alec Barr is a UX research consultant and respected leader in the world of human-centred design, determined to undo bad design practices by leveraging behavioural science and emphasising the importance of UX copywriting.

About the Talk:

Navigating The ‘Messy Middle’ of E-Commerce with Behavioural Science

The world of e-commerce is enormous and nebulous, accelerating at lightspeed following the global pandemic. But as the marketplace has grown, so too has our confusion about the people that operate within it.

This is the central paradox of UX & marketing science: as our ability to measure interactions online has gone up, our ability to comprehend what we’re looking at has gone down.

The decision-making faculties of consumers are now so complex and spread thinly across so many touchpoints, they have become almost inscrutable to UX and data practitioners. How do we operate in – and design for – a space where there is this much uncertainty?

With reference to both theory and real-world examples, we’ll examine the psychological principles behind e-commerce’s success, and assess how behavioural economics can be leveraged to both enhance the user experience and nudge them towards conversion.

We’ll explore…

• The nuanced psychology of the consumer purchase journey

• Practical application of contemporary research on the use of “nudges” in e-commerce

• Tools and techniques you can implement immediately into your user flows

• Some fun case studies, showing both successes and failures!

About your hosts:

Product Unleashed is brought to you by your hosts John Griffin and Dominic Port.

The duo has worked on the design of products of all shapes and sizes and bring their energy and enthusiasm to this unique meetup, packed with great guests and knowledge – for anyone interested in levelling up their game in the world of products.

The pair are helping to create a launchpad for design strategy and product shaping from the ground up, paving the way for new explorative ways to bring Design to the forefront of Ford Credit.

Our May Event is proudly sponsored by Askable!

Askable is for the legends who test, it enables you to ask real people the right questions. Access thousands of participants from all walks of life, ready to share their thoughts and ideas. Improve your products, services, early concepts, and prototypes without assuming what your audience wants because you don’t need to assume when you get direct access to them with Askable.

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