South Coast Sellers Club – March Edition


Thursday 11th March    
12:30pm - 2:00pm

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SCSC is back on the 11th of March to provide more value to your business. We will be bringing you all things Tools, Systems & Automation!

About this Event

With news of the quality of these events spreading fast, our second event had more than double the attendees of our launch back in November 2020.

A community is growing that is engaged and hungry to learn.

In March the South Coast Sellers Club will be bringing you an event that encompasses all things ‘Tools, Systems & Automation’


What are your sales tools?

Our host, Ben Bennett, talks us through the tools and systems he is using to raise awareness of his own business, Second Voice, as well as build his brand profile, grow trust and engage with potential customers at scale.

This talk will go through the full stack of tools being used and how you might utilise some of these tactics for your own sales efforts.


Fireside Chat: Why CRM is an essential tool to win business with special guest, Lindsey Pickles!


South Coast Sellers Club - Tools, Systems & Automation image

Lindsey is founder of Brighton-based marketing automation agency, Bright Dials.

She is an expert in the subject of CRM and automation and will bring a wealth of insight into the conversation with advice and ideas to make simple changes in your sales efforts to start securing wins immediately.

Amongst many other things, Ben and Lindsey will be discussing:

  • How CRM and automation can help you win business
  • How to choose the right CRM for your business
  • Which 5 CRM tools are invaluable for the sales process

Whether you are just exploring these tools, or are looking to improve on what you already have in place, this talk should not be missed!


Reserve your ticket today, block the time out of your diary and be ready to apply all of your learnings to your job, team or business today.

This is a community-led event for salespeople, business owners and the curious!

The South Coast Sellers Club belongs to you! So be sure to let us know what sales topics you want to hear more about!

South Coast Sellers Club - Tools, Systems & Automation image

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