South Coast Sellers Club – November Edition


Wednesday 17th November    
12:30pm - 2:00pm

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The South Coast Sellers Club is a community-led meetup for salespeople at all levels, business owners, start-up founders, team leaders and those looking to break into the world of selling, or even just to understand more about it.
Through regular events covering a wide range of topics, we’re here to help you develop your sales technique and build long-term value for your businesses, so come along!

This month’s topic…
Companies going through any stage of growth will realise the need to get support with customer acquisition through additional resources. If you’ve been responsible for delivering revenue for your own company up until now, passing that trust onto someone new can be difficult. Hiring a sales person is not a silver bullet to your business growth plans, you must have good processes in place for your new starter in order to see the benefit.
In this session, we will be exploring how to take the steps to recruit a sales person, what to watch out for, and how to check capability and competence. We’ll be delivering an overview on the types of roles to recruit for, depending on your company circumstances and strategy.

About your hosts
The South Coast Sellers Club is co-hosted by Ben Bennett and Charlotte Morris. Here’s a little more info on them!


Ben Bennett
Ben works with start-ups to get control over their financial position and better understand how they can sell their product/service to win more customers and ultimately, grow revenue. Through his company, Second Voice, Ben helps accelerate businesses to commercial competence. He’ll be dropping practical tips you can implement in your business from his wealth of hands-on experience.
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Charlotte Morris
Charlotte has experience working in large organisations such as Skype, Microsoft and Babbel to name a few, but she’s also no stranger to the start-up world either. As a Growth, Strategy and Operations leader, Charlotte will be dropping some hot tips on sales, selling, growth and marketing.
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