22 Feb

Workshop: Setting Boundaries With Kindness & Compassion

Workshop: Setting Boundaries With Kindness & Compassion


Thursday 22nd February    
10:00am - 11:30am


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When you aren’t used to setting boundaries, it can feel daunting. You might tell yourself that you’re being selfish or rude. You might fear being rejected by the person you’re setting the boundary with.

But boundaries develop out of a deep place of self-love, and they are vital for building connections with others. A life without boundaries is likely to be a life lived in burnout cycles and relational difficulties.

And you are far too precious for that – you deserve to have boundaries. A boundaried life is pro-relational and pro-health.

In this workshop, we’ll be joined by Christi Masso Byerly, Master Certified Coach and Founder of Awaken Coach Institute, a neurodivergent coach who has trained under Brene Brown.

Here’s what we’ll cover

🌟 Reframing how we think about boundaries

Boundaries aren’t synonymous with rigid walls or barriers, they’re an expression of self-love and self-respect. When we think of our boundaries as gentle, nurturing shields rather than tough exteriors, it becomes easier to set them.

🌟 Breaking free from people-pleasing 

If you find yourself constantly seeking approval from others or fearing their rejection, we’ll look at how to break free from the limiting beliefs behind these feelings.

🌟 Embracing self-compassion and honouring yourself

Our interactive approach will provide the space and opportunity to recognise your unique neurodivergent strengths and the importance of honouring and protecting these precious aspects of your identity from a place of self-compassion.

🌟 Experience the power of movement

Incorporating body movement, we’ll help you connect with your physical and emotional self and understand how your body can be a powerful tool in establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries.

What’s the format of the event?

The event will be hosted online via Zoom and will last for 1 hour and 30 minutes, with rough timings as follows:

  • 10 mins – Welcome & Settling In
  • 60 mins – Workshop
  • 15 mins – Wrap Up & Questions
  • 5 mins – Announcements & Event Close

If you have any additional accessibility requirements or any questions in advance of the event, please email alice@joyfullydifferent.co or mark@joyfullydifferent.co

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Please note: This event aims to create an inclusive and respectful environment for all participants. We encourage attendees to embrace diversity, share experiences, and engage in constructive dialogue.

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